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Brake problem!!!

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Here's what i got. I have a little bite of brakes like they are not bleed right but i bleed them over and over again and i get good stream no air! and when the the car is off the petal is real hard and when then car is on alot softer but i have a little brakes! can it be the master or can it be the booster.
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slide under the car and inspect all hoses, wheel cylinders and calipers for any signs of wet/dampness if the booster was bad the pedal will be extremely hard, a bad master the pedal will lose pressure... check the master...
I have been under the car a few times and no leaks and everything is dry and when the car is on the pedal is loose but i get very very little brake and i checked to make sure the rear drums were making contact and they are and i jacked up the front and was spinning the wheel and pushed the brake and it stopped but not enough to stop the car when driving!
The petal goes to ther floor and i get a little at the end.
could the mater have air in it? the booster was off my last car and master but they were laying around for 1 year 1/2 should i bench bleed the master again?
bump anyone!! and they are all new 3/16 lines
Does the car have drum brakes all around? RICK
Bleed the master. Pick up a set of plug offs. After bleeding put plug offs in. If the pedal goes to the floor then your master cylinder is your problem.
disc in the front and drum in the rear
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