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Brake pedal travel

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After going from front drum to front disc, I have alot of travel in the brake pedal before it reacts. I have bled the brakes numerous times with the pedal pusher method. When the car is off I can press the brake pedal 2-3 times and it gets real stiff and wont move anymore but when I start it the pedal goes down about 3-4 inches from the floor.

I thought there was air still in the system but I don't see any air bubbles in the clear tube when bleeding. :confused:
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I'm with Jeff66. I've fought this issue on a couple cars. My caliper brackets weren't square with the rotors and my brake pedal did just as you described. You could plug the line going to your front brakes to see if this improves your pedal. I also have used framing squares on the rotor and bracket ears to see how far off the brackets are, it was obvious on mine. There have been other threads on this. See nova404's photobucket and you'll see my picture that resolved my issue.
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