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Brake Booster for '67 ??

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Any suggestions for a brake booster for a '67? The car came with a nice 8" dual diaphram booster that the previous owner bolted directly to the firewall (no mounting brackets) then he drilled a new hole in the brake pedal to make it fit. Totally the wrong pedal ratio. Trying to go back with this booster if possible. Bought some brackets from The Right Stuff Detailing for a 67-69 Camaro but the angle put the master cylinder at a pretty severe incline and it probably would have had clearance issues with the hood. I have re-ordered brackets for a 55-58 application which are straight and do not incline the booster/master cylinder, hoping this will resolve but not sure where this is going to put the rod in relation to the brake pedal.

Anyones success story would be awesome!
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I'm confused. What mounting brackets?
The booster bolts directly through the firewall with three studs-2 on the top & 1 on the bottom. The booster is then secured to the firewall via the pedal assembly bracket (makes a firewall sandwich).
The pedal also comes with 2 holes drilled in it. Top hole for power & bottom hole for manual.
Am I misunderstanding what your asking?
Sorry, guess I didn't do a good job of explaining. The current booster is an aftermarket 7" dual diaphram unit that has (4) studs on the rear in a 3 3/8" square pattern. There are different "brackets" that are used to attach to the (4) studs and the other side of the bracket attaches to the firewall/brake pedal bracket assembly as in the "sandwich" described above.

The reasons for wanting to re-use this booster:

It is new.
It solves a clearance issue to the valve cover/coil pack.

From what I have read the "factory" model is a 9" single diaphram unit.
Problem is I don't have the clearance for this unit.

The booster and various brackets are on The Right stuff website

Sooo, I was wondering if anyone else had tried any aftermarket boosters.

Hope that makes more sense.
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if i understand...

if the booster is installed with the piston in alignment with the pedal and you can mount it then all is good. a booster is a booster is a booster, regardless of three bolt, 4 bolt with or without brackets... it's the diaphragm we want. if you like or need the 4 bolt, cool. the dual diaphragm units, i think, are better than the small single dia. units. most of the ChevyII's can use a 9" booster, some due to clearance issues use an 8" unit.

if you're relocating the booster i'd recommend looking at a different pedal assy, maybe a Wilwood... it's important to have the alignment/geometry/pedal ratios correct and if the stock assy can't be modified maybe an aftermarket unit would suit your needs...

hoping to help...

most all of us use the traditional 3 bolt mount booster and bolt it in the stock location...
The angle bracket is always a confusing issue. It is normally used on 3rd and 4th gen cars, Chevelles etc....not on 1st and 2nd gen. What you are looking for is in the link below or similar. The correct booster should be 2 or 3 bolt. There is a dimple on the bottom of the firewall where you drill the 3rd hole...

That is why there are two holes drilled in you brake pedal arm, one for angle bracket, one without.....

I bought mine for right stuff detailing, dual diaphragm, 8" I think. You have to call them, I don't think it's listed on the website. But it is 3 bolt and works with just about all MC's....


http://www.modernperformanceclassic...ova 7-inch Disc-disc Power Brake Booster.aspx

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Thanks Tom! Just the kind of info I was looking for.

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Just an FYI, I checked with the Right Stuff Detailing. The only 3 bolt unit they currently offer is a 9" single diaphram model. Checking on the other unit you mentioned from Modern Performance Classics.
I'll check my folder at home and see if I can find the info.

Just looked through your build thread, very impressive........ :yes:

We deal with multiple brake manufacturers and used to be able to get 7", 8" & 9" boosters with the correct 3 stud configuration for the early models. Unless something has changed, the only thing we can now get is a 9" booster. You might be able to find someone with one on the shelf. We haven't so far.

Good luck.
@Tom; so I like everything but the rubberband around the MC:D

I got an 7 1/2" dual diaphram power booster from for my '67.

I got it as early as June of this year.
All, Thanks for the input. I will check out the abs website.

Tom, Thanks for the kudos on the project. We are new to Steve's, trying to build credibility :cool:
Probably should be a new thread but where are you hiding the coils on your wagon? Looks sweet.
One set is under the air filter, the other set is where the battery used to be......going to make a cover for the pass. side to hide them......later on I may come up with something else, I want to do a fresh air intake, as the intake air temps are too high to suit me....not a lot of real estate left under there, and don't want them down low.....

I couldn't find where I bought the booster from, still digging through receipts...

I'll have to get out your way and check out your build, been dying to see the DSE clip up close......

BTW...welcome to Steve's, you are in the right place for all things Nova... :yes:


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Mark, Thanks for the suggestion! Lucio at ABS hooked me up. Problem solved, now on to the next "engineering feat" !!
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