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brackets for procar seats

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got some procar seats but im having trouble finding mounting brackets do you know any othere year that might substitute or where i can get some that work
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I made my own out of 1 inch stainless angle and welded them to the floor. I found that the "universal" brackets mount too high. I had to modify the brackets on the seats as well. Otherwise I was brushing my head on the headliner.
I also made my own brackets- I think that is what most people do because as mentioned you will find yourself sitting to high with the brackets that bolt on to these seats.
Mine came with the brackets (craig's list ) so I just cut them up to make them work.Out side by the doors there basically flat to the floor, no feet, and bolt to the stock location. The inside part of the bracket has feet to level the frame. My car had a bench so no inner bolt holes, drilled holes and used plates with nuts welded on for the inner supports.
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I welded flat bar to frame of the seat and then drilled and tapped the flat bar for stock seat sliders. Kept the seats nice and low. I used two sets of bench seat sliders. With this set-up you can use stock mounting hardware and locations.

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