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I was always having issues with my car and it always seemed to run like ****, and never to the level i or others thought..Last week the distributor gave out and it was a junkie procomp/skip white performance $80 ebay one..

I got a new summit billet distributor with mech adavance only and dropped it in the way it came(no spring or bushing changes yet) and the car is like a totally different vehicle...I set the initial at 17degrees and all in came at about 2800 for a total of 34degreess and the car runs now like a scalded beast..

It never ran as good as it did tonight. Instead of just spinning a bit at take off it now boils the tire with same throttle. In 3rd gear now when I romp it It breaks loose hardcore and skates across the road compared to just making noise..

I can't wait until sunday 5-3-09 to try it out at the track...

thanks for everyones help all the time I appreciate it!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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