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Body mounts

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I have read a bunch of threads about this, but I can't make a firm decision.

My car has perished rubber body mounts, which I need to replace. I will definitely be going with sub-frame connectors eventually.

I have read that solid mounts are better when trying to stiffen the frame, but increase vibration. I also heard that eventually, Chevy started to bolt the sub-frames directly to the body anyway.

I have driven a FWD car with solid motor and transmission mounts, it's definitely not an experience I want to try again, the noise and vibration was terrible. My goal for the car is improved handling and performance while maintaining a stock-like, comfortable ride.

Would polyurethane mounts be a good compromise?
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That what I went with. firmer than stock bushings, but not as stiff as solids spacers.
I put polyurethane bushing on mine and the car rides nice.

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I have the Ploy mounts from energy suspension. It won't ride as comfortable as factory but you'll have more feel of the road. Only slight vibrations but even with how old the car is it doesn't make it rattle at all. Definitely a good investment.
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