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From SFI's web site

July, 2009

July 19, 2009 - NOTICE OF TEMPORARY PRODUCT DECERTIFICATION. Effective July 9, 2009: Pursuant to SFI Test Laboratory reports, SFI Foundation, Inc. has reason to believe that certain Impact Racing products manufactured in the year 2007 do not fully comply with the minimum standards set forth in the SFI Specification 3.2A Program. Therefore, pursuant to Section 12.0 of the program, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, and UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, any and all driver suits, pants, and jackets manufactured by Impact Racing pursuant to SFI Spec 3.2A/15 and 3.2A/20 at any time during the year 2007 are hereby TEMPORARILY DECERTIFIED by SFI Foundation, Inc. This temporary decertification applies to all such products whether or not they have been updated, upgraded, rebadged, or recertified by Impact Racing. This temporary decertification applies even if the product now has a 2009 SFI label affixed to the product. The date of manufacture of the product is determinative.

This decertification is temporary and will remain in effect until further notice from SFI. The manufacturer has challenged SFI’s findings in this matter and is conducting its own review of the findings and the full compliance of the products in question. SFI’s investigation continues. This decertification may be modified, withdrawn, or made permanent.
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