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Best rear suspension opinions???

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Thinking about a 4 link or a torque arm set up. It's just a cruiser:D Looking for some opinions and to find out from someone with first-hand experience the pros and cons of each if they have them. Winter is fast approaching which, in MN, means project time!
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Check with Chuck Church, he's coming out with a new 4-link very soon. He has already run the proto type on the Chuck know his stuff will be bullet proof....:yes:

The goodies start about post 6......I see you posted in the thread already, he should be getting close...

If you come up for the Mini Nats (or you're just up this way) you're welcome to take my wagon around the block :yes: The Watts link, bags and mono leafs work very well with the CBR D/A shocks, and you can maintain ride height with varrying loads :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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