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Chevy Orange there is only one! VHT

Now some of the NAPA Martin Senor Spray paints have correct color for Pontiac, Ford, Olds and others.

But when it comes to CHEVY ORANGE!



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I used an engine painting kit from POR15. It had degreaser, metal treatment, the POR and then the Chevy Orange.

I'm too lazy, but search for my thread "Motor is in", it has a slide show of everything I did.

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VHT engine paint. The trick is to let the block go thru a couple of heat cycles and then paint it. Trust me on this, I painted my block and after a few heat cycles, the paint started to just flake off.

SO, and I know the guys will say this, prep work is the key but you will get the same results by doing what I did. And yes, I brushed my paint on and it hasn't bubbled, blistered or chipped in over 2 yrs now.

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