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Battery acid protection. Felt?

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Could I cut squares of felt and place them around the vents in the top of the battery without damaging it? I just redid my engine compartment and don't want the acid to wreck my paint job.

I've just never seen this done and wonder if there is some reason for it.. I've also heard of folks fiber glassing over the top of their trays. What are people who can't afford optimas doing?

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If the charging system is functioning properly, and the battery is in good shape you shouldn't have a problem.
^^^ I agree. :yes:

Unless this battery is ancient, there should be no reason to wrap or protect a modern sealed battery other than to insulate it due to extremely cold temperatures.
Back in the day, they sold felt washers that were soaked in some chemical that would discourage any buildup. I had a huge problem on a DD, and decided to try those. When I got them home, I discovered that there were no chemicals...just felt. There's probably some EPA rule that got in the way of that, so they just sell plain felt ones now to the me.

What *did* work was:
1) making sure all of the connections were clean and both ends of the cables.
2) coating the battery terminals with conductive grease (NOTE: Not dielectric grease...conductive. Check electric supply places for grease to be used with aluminum house wiring.)
3) Cleaning/painting all the nearby metal (hold down bracket) to discourage that as an electrical path.

Worked great...
Gel cell battery?
Gel cell battery?
X2, I have them in my daily drivers and in the trunk of my Nova.
Not the cheapest but very clean.
check and make sure your not overcharging! then get an interstate battery,no more acid leaks.
^^^ what he said. They're great.:yes: Alot of parts houses don,t carry them. you might have to go to a speed shop or an auto repair shop to get one.
My car is missing the battery hold down altogether so don't need to worry about that :eek: Its never fallen over.. guess I don't take very sharp turns.

I bought those little felt terminal protectors just because I thought it made it easier to tell which one was positive and negative so I never connect it backwards and they were only 75c. The chevy owners guide says to put engine oil on them!

I would get a new gel battery but I just can't afford it. I'm saving up to put an exhaust system in so I can drive. Its my first and only car!

I know that it never leaked in the past and the battery is in good condition. Now that I took each connector out and cleaned the terminals it should work even better.

So I guess as long as its working properly it won't leak? I guess I will just make sure it stays in good working order.
I don't know what it's called but there is a red colored spray that helps corrosion. Maybe someone can help with a name
You can get rid of the acid build up with a sodium bicarbonate mixture and a deck brush. You may want to try and cut your felt to whatever shape you want and soak them in the mixture. The water will evaporate away but the sodium bicarbonate should still be there and be able to neutralize whatever acid seeps out of your battery.

BTW sodium bicarbonate is baking soda.

Please put a hold down on your battery !
I haven't yet figured out how the hold down stuff works. I've heard the jbolt wont work with modern batteries because they're too big yadda yadda. I'm not really sure which pieces I need. I will get around to it someday lol.

The baking soda idea is interesting! I was just worried about creating a partial short with acid soaked felt. I think the acid is an electrolyte and probably conductive. I have this other brilliant idea though I will take a piece of felt and make a belt around the battery to catch any stray drips. If it gets wet its against plastic so it won't rust anything!

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