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Bad spuddering.

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Damn I just replaced my cylinder heads (with remanufactured ones) 1,000 miles give or take new gaskets and everything. So yesterday my mother gives me a call while I'm at my lady's and ask to borrow my car. I feel bad that she doesnt have a car so being the good son that I am I let her use it. I get in today for a little stroll to the market and before I start driving I notice a spuddering sort of sound during idle. like a gasket is blown. I'm hoping that's all it is. Which ones I have no idea!!! But ill start with the exhaust manifold. And we'll see how this all turns out :(:mad::banghead::thumbdown:
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that sucks man. every time i lend out my cars, i get them back and there is something different. it's your mom though, she gets to do whatever she wants; she made you.

dad is a different story.:D

Is your Mom into drag racing and do you live near a drag strip?
Haha exactly I can't say anything. All I can do is find out put in work. I think she owes me a home cooked meal to say the least :thumbup::thumbup::p
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