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automatic shifter hump does not fit... help!

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I purchased the auto shifter hump from Classic Industries. I went to fit it today it doesn't fit at all. If I line up the the shifter hump with the indentations on the trans tunnel the rear end of it hits the floor brace. If I were to cut it to fit then it won't fit the console that I have for the vehicle. The shift hump panel says it fits novas 62-67. Am I missing something? What would you guys do to make everything work? The hole thats currently cut out of the floor pan lines up with the console.

Sorry about the last 3 images, they're flipped upside down.

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A few years ago, I removed the auto hump from my 65 to convert to 4 speed. Here is a picture I took with the hump removed. I have already cut enough to make the 4 speed fit, but it appears at the back the cut is still original. You can see I had to drill spot welds our of the floor support, indicating the hump likely went underneath the brace. See the 3 holes on top where I drilled?

It seems to me I recall having to fill in quite a bit of hole in the top of the tunnel underneath the brace when I removed the auto hump.

And a shot of the hump when it was removed.

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Interesting. I didn't think it might have supposed to fit under the braces.

The only issue with cutting it to fit is the hole on the hump doesn't light up at all the center console.

Did your 65 vert have a console like mine or the other style?
Mine had the original 65 console, not like your's. Picture below.

I'm off to bed now but I'll try to check in tomorrow in case you have any other pictures or anything you need.

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I think the issue is that I ordered an automatic shift hump, but my console was for a manual shifter.

So, if I order a manual shifter my carpet won't fit it perfectly and my shifter won't mount without modifications. Ugh...

Might be better just to get rid of the center console all together...
I don't think that is manual console, is it? It looks like an auto console from a 63 SS. Novas never had a manual console until 1965.
And yes, that hump you have is for the console I have pictured. The console like you have, (assuming it is actually an auto console) used a much different style hump.
Who sells the correct hump for auto first gens?
Who sells the correct hump for auto first gens?
Assuming you have a SS/Floor Shift Model then the shift hump I had from Classic Industries would have worked. The only problem was the floor brace and the fact that I'm using a B&M Shifter.
Older thread, but some info that could help in the future.

The factory floor pan at the transmission tunnel in a '65 Nova SS is larger (wider/taller/bigger around) than the transmission tunnel in a '65 non-SS car. I found this out while working on my '65 SS along side a friend who was working on his '65 non-SS HT. Both of us had our interiors out and were able to make a direct comparison.

I can't speak to the other years, but I would guess the hump sold by places like Classic Industries is fashioned after the hump from the original SS cars with the larger tunnel, and therefore may not fit a smaller, non-SS tunnel as well without modification.
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