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George wanted me to officially announce the release of the new Muncie M22Z (2.98:1 first) gearset. It will have the typical helix angle of the traditional M22 gearset. It will also have the classic gear whine in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and quiet in 4th gear.

1st: 2.984:1
2nd: 2.043:1
3rd: 1.468:1
4th: 1:1

The M22Z gearset was designed around using a 3.08:1 differential rear gear. The M22Z can also be used with a 2.73:1 differential rear gear too. But, please keep in mind that the higher the differential gearing, the more torque stress is applied to the transmission gearset.

Please note: This 4 speed M22Z gearset is not recommended for repeated drag strip use!

Driveline math for you to compare the NEW M22Z gearset.

M22 = 2,20:1 1st gear
M22Z = 2.98:1 1st gear

Using a baseline of an M22 with a 4.10:1 differential, the first gear take would feel the same if you had an M22Z and a 3.08:1 differential.

So, you could have a M22Z with a 3.08:1 differential but, your vehicle would have the take off feel of a 4.10:1 differential. And a very user friendly highway final drive of a 3.08:1 differential, great for commuting.

Yes, the gear spacing will be a bit wide for only 4 gears but, the M22Z will be a great gear choice for customers that cannot afford a 5 or 6 speed transmission.

The M22Z will be available at the end of June 2009.
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