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Thanks for the feedback.

The front suspension is stock except for the 2" drop spindles I installed. Don't remember the brand name but they look similar to the modular spindles on the market now.

The car was a manual brake disc/drum from the factory. I rebuilt the brakes with factory replacement parts but swapped over to a hydroboost setup.

The wheels are 17 x 7 with a +06 offset (should calculate to 4.24" backspacing). Tires are 235/45-17

At ride height I can fit my fingers between the outside of the tire and the inner lip of the fender. But on compression the tires contact the inside lip of the fender.

I'm open to ideas but really don't want to spend $2-4k on fancy suspension parts until I get a few shakedown miles on this restoration.

Ideas: Alignment (DIY alignment says its close but i've never had it on the rack yet) smaller tires, different rims (this would require getting rid of the drop spindle as it will probably cause an issue with the steering arm making contact, "Zero Offset" hub/brake kits, rolling the fenders (is this possible with these cars?), or ????
21 - 21 of 21 Posts