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I know Al had to return some because of his rear brakes not clearing. Does anyone know if stock drum brakes clear? I have a 73.

I currently have Weld Draglites 15x8 4.5 backspacing with BFG 275/60-15 tires on the back and they do not fit at all, my air shocks are aired all the way up to be able to drive the car without rubbing. Im taking the air shocks off and want to lower the rear an inch or two, so the tires will be up in the wells. I figure these Raceslites will move the tires in a full inch, I am hoping they fit up in the wells, anyone have any experience with them? Attached is a pic of how it sits now, jacked up higher than I like.

Im thnking about painting these wheels gray so they look like factory style steel wheels for a more factory appearence.



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