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I am looking at retrofitting a bridgeport cnc mill, as the old controller is bad, and only does liniar movements.

So, I am looking at installing new break out boards, encoders, ect.

Trouble is, I am very new to electronics and need to reuse transformers, contactors, relays and power supplies out of the cabinet if possible, and need someone to maybe consult with. I may even need to add some capacitors to filter out the voltage going from ac to dc. If someone could help me get this this successfully wired, tested, ect I would see if we could come to an agreement for me to pay for there help.

I REALLY would love to get going on this project, and have been reading up, but am slow on the uptake of this info, and really rather not start anything on fire, or frying my butt.

thanks to anyone who can help :violin:
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