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Currently I have Centerline Auto Drag wheels on my car. They are 15x12 w/ a 5" backspace. I have 29x12x15 Hoosier slicks on them.

I am wanting to go with a smaller wheel and tire combo. I was thinking about a 15x10 with a 295/65/15 drag radial. My question is should I stay with the 5" backspace and pull the wheel and tire in 2" or should I look at splitting the difference and go with a 4" backspace wheel. That would give me 1" on both sides

The car has a 9" from a 58 ford and I believe its 56" or 58" wide. It also is mini tubbed, frame rails are notched, and I am running QA1 coil overs. The current combo has about 1/2 clearence from the frame rails and about the same with the fender lip. I dont like how the tire currently sticks out from the bottom of the wheel well so far.

If anyone has a similar combo I would love to see some pic's.

Thanks in advance.
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