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1962 Nova 400 LHD four door sedan assembled in Antwerp, Belgium, then shipped to Holland. General Motors Continental Antwerp assembled
vehicles from 1925 to 1968, including Chevy IIs and Camaros.

The components for this Chevy II were made by GM Canada and shipped to Belgium as a complete knockdown (CKD). This even included the stamped, unassembled
body shell sheet metal. Driveline components were usually shipped separately.

The cowl and VIN tags were integrated into one tag as shown. It was attached vertically to the firewall where North American tags would be located. I've rotated it 90 degrees to make it easier to read. Wouldn't we love to have the original engine numbers on our tags! The chassis number is the VIN, showing CA (likely standing for Canada), plus '2' for 1962 and '449' for six cylinder Nova 400 four door sedan. There are 5 other numbers/letters after that completing the VIN. There are no other tags on the car.

The release number is an internal plant code related to completion. Antwerp used Opel paint colors and codes. 111 is Carbon Black which matches the
car. The 763 trim code was slightly different than our 763 code, this one being fawn and blue. The GVA/PVA letters would have a weight shown if required.

This car was first registered in Holland on April 26, 1962 and this date stays with the car throughout it's life. My GM Canada information indicates 156 CKD Chevy IIs shipped from Oshawa in 1962 to various places in the world. This is all models and there is no breakdown on LHD/RHD.

My thanks to Joost in Holland for helping me with this decode. His '62 has only 30,000 original kms. (approx. 19,000 miles). Restoration is underway.



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that was my first car a 62 4-door 400 built by fisher though. that US model have some really different side trim.
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