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alright list of problems here, and my solutions, and questions

1. car back fires on deceleration after i floor it
~ could this be from my header leak??? or is the carb to rich?
..... if so i plan on replacing the headers, if not from this, then what?

2. car is hard to start after driving for a little, and some heavy loads on the engine... i would park it and come out and it'll be hard to start.
~ could this be from a worn out alternator belt not fully charging the battery? changing the belt tomorrow, if not it, then what could it be?

3. when i got home tonight after having the hard starts and backfires, my car was smoking pretty bad ( i thought i had a fog in my driveway ), only did this one other time and it went away after i started it again, but i never experienced the hard starting before.
~ could i have cracked my head/cylinder?? or blew something, god knows what?
......... what can i do? or am i #@$*ed???

help me out

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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