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alright list of problems here, and my solutions, and questions

1. car back fires on deceleration after i floor it
~ could this be from my header leak??? or is the carb to rich?
..... if so i plan on replacing the headers, if not from this, then what?

2. car is hard to start after driving for a little, and some heavy loads on the engine... i would park it and come out and it'll be hard to start.
~ could this be from a worn out alternator belt not fully charging the battery? changing the belt tomorrow, if not it, then what could it be?

3. when i got home tonight after having the hard starts and backfires, my car was smoking pretty bad ( i thought i had a fog in my driveway ), only did this one other time and it went away after i started it again, but i never experienced the hard starting before.
~ could i have cracked my head/cylinder?? or blew something, god knows what?
......... what can i do? or am i #@$*ed???

help me out


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Umm, ok...

1) Rich sounding

2) Rich sounding, wet plugs.

2) Rich sounding, wet plugs, fouled, oil, rings..

I would pull the plugs and read them. Pull them right after a run. Smell them, gas or oil? Both?? Hell taste them. Ok, some folks dont read plugs like I do, I may be blind so I go to taste LOL Sounds like you have some excess blow by and a rich condition. JR

Oh yeah, smell your dip stick, yeah, its ok to smell your own dip stick.... Any fuel?? Raw fuel? A really bad ring seat may pump fuel vapor into the case, can get really bad at some point of combustion when your internal combustion engine wants to act like an external combustion engine.
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