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Another PCV Valve question

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No one responded to my last question so i figured i'd ask again. My car came with one valve cover with a oil breather and the other has an oil breather and a pcv valve. Should i block off the extra oil breather on the side with the pcv valve or will it be ok. I've noticed that the side with only a breather tends to spray a bit of oil over time.
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I wouldn't get a new set of valve covers just because of that.

A lot of guys like having two holes on one valve cover so you can have the PCV valve in the rear hole and use the front as the oil filler hole. Just plug it with an oil filler cap. Just make sure the hole with the PCV valve has a baffle. It doesn't matter if the oil filler hole does (and it's nicer not to have one there when you pour the oil in). It makes it easier and faster to pour the oil in than removing the other breather and pouring it through the baffle on the other valve cover.

You don't ever want to run a breather on the same valve cover as the PCV valve though. It will reduce the effectiveness of the crankcase ventilation system.
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