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Another new guy from Philly

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Hello all,
I've finally found a way to get a 66 or 67 nova. I missed out on a neighbors 1966 SS 30 years ago and I've been lusting for one on and off ever since
I've been looking all over the net trying to figure out the market and exactly what kind of nova that I want. And then I came across this cool site and I've been reading for a couple days now.
So I just wanted to say hello and if you see me asking alot of silly questions on various posts, you'll know that I'm new here.
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Welcome Pat. We glad to have you with us. We don't think any questions are silly on this site. We are composed of all types of people.Some are just starting out working on cars and others have been doing it all of there lives. Almost any questions asked will get answers here. Hope you enjoy the site and find it helpful to you.
Hey Pat, Its nice to have another local guy around. Im right down the road in Delaware County. Let us know what your lookin for and Ill keep eyes and ears open around here.
TO SNS PAT , :waving:


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Welcome to the site Pat. Good luck in your car search.
Welcome to SNS!

You will find a lot of help here! :yes:

Good luck in your quest to find that elusive deuce! :yes:
welcome to the addiction Pat!!!

.... and no there is no rehab for it.. its incurable.... hold on an enjoy the ride....:eek:
Welcome to this great Nova site. All of your questions will get answered. Good luck looking for your dream car.

TMack63Nova :ragtop:
welcome to steves!!Gotta love the 2nd gens!!I do!!
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