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I have known Mike for better of 15 years and I trust Him! I can also tell you that is a real L-79 and a few of us got to meet and talk to the original owners son who inherited the car, as the matter of Fact it was a story in NovaTimes and featured in NNN.:yes::yes:

Mike is a good friend and I TRUST him! So who are you ? statment like that could be hurt your position when you may need a part someday or a favor. I think you better think before you type (speak) !:rolleyes:

****like my mama used to say "If you got nothing good to say keep you mouth shut!"
Joe, just wondering,a question. On the engine where is the spring bracket that I see in a post on L79s on the site. Is it missing?
Beauty car,wish I had the money but I am old and broke.
Thanks JR:)

Also to Mike, Can you tell me about a clone carb. How is that done? Just interesting, Not trying to run car down, just didn't know that could be done.
Thanks JR
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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