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Another header advice question

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Hello all,
I have read through all 17 pages of the header advice thread.
I have a 65 Chevy II
I have the Church Boys R&P set up with a 355- 906 Vortec heads.
I currently have headers( not sure of the brand) that have interferrence with the double D shaft.
Will the Hooker Super Comps work with a Jeg's 360 rotational starter or do I need the one that Hooker recommends for a 168 tooth flex plate?
I am running a 700r4.
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Hello, hello, anyone:sleep::)

Is anyone running vortec heads,CBR rack and pinion and Hooker Super Comps?
i have the same setup. the hooker super comp is just touching the rear of my stock starter. not sure if your starter is the same size as stock but im gonna try a dimple in mine and see if its going to work.
I have the Jeg's mini starter. I can clock the selonoid 360 degrees.Do you have enough room with the Vortec heads then?
enough room? im lost now.....i guess its to early lol
Apparently the vortec heads are a little bit "thicker" than the older SBC heads at the exhaust port because of the vortec design and this may cause the primary tubes to be closer to the inner fender shock tower.
Before I lay down the $$ for super comps I want to make sure I do not have issues.
my heads are off a 1992 centre valve cover bolts, i think they the same size as vortex there is still room in engine bay for them:yes:
no problem,hope i helped.
im out the door to put driveshaft on,see if the car will move under its own power.wish me luck lol
I have the mini starter clocked upside down with solinoid down with supercomps works great tons of room. I could post a picture if needed. this is in a 64 nova chassis works frame
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