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Another cowl tag question

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In know what all toe codes mean on my cowl tag, except for the ones in line three to the right of the build date code, "04A" the " A 3 0576".

Anyone know what they mean?

I haven't seen any mention of them anywhere else.

Thanks for your help.

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04A is built first week of April. I don't what the other numbers are. Heres the link. RICK
They are option codes, let me go find my bible and look.
A= black painted dash
3 =number of exterior trim options
Car came cortez silver with black vinyl top. 14 B
What book you are using? RICK
My book of notes from writing down every cowl tag I see on 3rd gens at shows,and what exterior trims they have.Started it back in the 80's.:D
Heres the lower numbers fron my 71 G 2 0693. RICK
G=body color dash
2= exterior trim options

Last four of all tags I think is just for factory file records.
The "A" will include the interior painted areas, front dash, A, B and C pillars, as well as under the rear package tray.
There always seems to be something on a cowl tag that can't be decoded. These tags were directives to Fisher Body workers and frequently contain internal plant codes that only meant something to fellow employees. The codes usually differed from plant to plant, too. Fortunately, most of the info on cowl tags can be decoded and gives us a good insight into the way our cars were born.

In a similar vein, has anyone else seen the serial number (VIN) stamped vertically outboard of the hole in the firewall for the heater motor?

I'll get picture and post it later.

Here is is.

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They are option codes, let me go find my bible and look.
Color me happy!

I have been searching for years, trying to figure out what that "A" (the only code on my cowl tag) means. My original 1970 Nova SS was a bare bones, Autumn Gold, L48 (4-bbl, 300hp), with 4 speed (M21), F40 suspension, dual exhaust, hood ornaments and black dash/package tray.

I had suspected it meant 4 speed but, now I know.

Bravo! Encore!

just found out have 65 v8 2dr chevy 2 100 built in norwood ohio
just found out have 65 v8 2dr chevy 2 100 built in norwood ohio
Did this info come from the cowl tag or the door jamb VIN?

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