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Am I stuck with a carb thats too big?

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I bought a 327 in a corvair (thats another story) that was complete but needed some freshening up (sat 10 years) with a few mild mods. I did the once over, but decided to replace the carb rather than rebuild (lots of varnish/grime) with a new version of what was on it: a 750CFM edelbrock performer. Well the engine is in my 63 nova now, and with the same metering rods and jets as were in the carb that was on the engine when I bought it, I'm running real rich. It smells like gas BAD when I'm at idle, heck all the time really.

I looked at the edelbrock manual and the jet/rod combo has me pretty low in the bottom left quarter (on the lean side).

Whats a guy to do? Do I offer this 750CFM carb on criagslist and buy the more appropriate 600CFM carb and chalk the $200 up to "I should have none better" or do you guys have any other ideas?

As always, thanks for the help
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