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Alum ultra HP carbs

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Has anyone use these yet?
I'm thinking of trying one for the 406 instead of a custom1 this time.
They look pretty good with a lot of new stuff like idle air holes in main body instead of drilling plates,extra cap bowls and so on.

Are they the actual cfm? I was looking at the 850. The 950 says "true cfm" next to it.

Any thoughts/reviews?
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I was going to buy one but then I found out about Pro Systems carbs. Custom built carbs, built to your engine's specs, bolt it on and pretty much go. A little more than $700 dollars to your door and no messing with it. Comes with full 7 day a week tech support.

Here's a link:

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Never tried the Ultra but if you're in the market for a new carb. my suggestion would be AED. I absolutely love mine. $500 new and they'll custom build it to your combo. I had mine done and the only thing wrong with it was the power valve and that was my fault. I guessed what my vacuum would be on the new motor and it came with a power valve suited to that. The motor didn't make the vacuum and I had to go one step lower with power valve and the carb. was perfect then.
I had a Pro Systems carb on my 355. That is what I have now on the 406 (for now).

I won't say I wasn't happy with it on the 355...just thought I'd pick up a few more et wise then I did.
It does run good at cruze and wot. Idle was a little rich tho even with 21degr initial.
I guess the carb it replaced (750 proform main body) was pretty close to begin with.

Thats why I thought of an HP this time around.

One thing I couldn't understand was the holes in the thottle plates for my 355 with a 227/232 HR cam. It made 14in of vacuum. I wouldn't think it would need it.
Like I said, I'm not bashing Patrick or his co. Just might go a different route this time.
Are you the original owner of your Pro Systems carb?

Did you discuss your issue with Patrick?
Are you the original owner of your Pro Systems carb?

Did you discuss your issue with Patrick?
Yes I'm the original owner of the carb and I did call about a hesitation I had with it.
I didn't expect a second differance between the two carbs...maybe a couple 10th's tho would have been good.

Like I said it's possible that I just had it dialed as good as that old combo could get with the old carb with the old seat of the pants dyno n vacant road. :D
I even e mailed him about using the carb on my new 406 and he said to sell it to offset the cost of the new carb and I would need at least a 840cfm with a small venturi/large throttle blade as the 780 will really slow the car down with the smaller throttle blades act as a restrictor plate on our program .
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