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While at the wagon garden place(see NW Mn wagon thread)this morning I was able to take some photos of the low mileage 63' 2 door sedan the deceased father has had for 20-25 years. Nice car in black with blue interior, 19,000 actual documented miles and it shows like it. No repaint, no interior redos, original, original, original, except for the aluminum wheels he had put on it. Even has some of the caulk marks under hood and on fender and firewall and supposedly a lot of documentation.
I asked the son, who is taking care of the fathers estate, the price and he said "that dad told me not to sell for anything less $25,000" prior to passing on.
I have not affiliation with the son who is handling the estate other than I said I would post for you guys to take a look at, and knew the deceased father somewhat.
Sorry for the poor photos but it was like trying to take a picture in "The Batcave" in that garage.

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