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I bought this car about a month or two ago, i changed all the bulbs in the light just to make sure thats not it. Well here is what i have:

passenger turn signal works front and back
brake lights works with head lights off
Head lights work
When Headlights on, the driver side brake light does not work
driver side Turn signal turns on front and back but do not blink
No reverse lights
All side marker lights work

So where should i start looking for the brake light that only works when headlights are off? and Reverse lights

Also there is a little smokey smell inside the car if the headlights are on, what would cause this?

I am trying to get away without buyin a whole new wiring kit for now.

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I would ignore the backup lights for the initial trouble shooting. They are completely separate and driven off a switch on the lower part of the steering column.

First thing to check are the grounds and sockets. See if the tail light sockets have been replaced. They should be a dual contact socket and 1157 bulb. People will put a single filament bulb in which causes problems. Make sure the correct dual contact sockets are installed.

If these are correct, get a voltmeter and see if each contact inside the bulb is getting the correct voltage at the correct time.
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