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first off, I am staring right at Heidt's recommended settings. and that's why I have questions.

caster +1° to +3°
camber 0 to -0.5° (bust most searching says zero is the spot)
toe zero to 1/16" in

so I have several questions.

caster: from what I'm finding people see to say to run as much as you can (if adjustable) without getting to firm of a steering feel...
so I guess question is if the heidts style front is limited to those specs? if I can add some more in? I have power steering so guessing I won't notice much.

camber: I like camber. I dial most all my cars in with a fair amount. usually -1.5 range in front... but none have them have been a Nova or Mustang II car. and blah blah tire wear. I have never had an issue with camber killing tires, only when toe has gotten messed up has it effected tire wear noticeably.
does the mii front suspension have a fair amount of camber gain on compression?
and again is this suspension limited to this range?

toe: not sure I have an opinion on this. as I think I have setup cars in the past to factory spec. and have no idea what it was.

anyone here running more aggressive suspension alignment settings? feedback?

guy that's helping me at work to align it of course just wants to look up a 66 Nova and use those specs. but also at the same times doesn't care and will use the ones I provided if it's not pain for him.

maybe I'm looking into this too much. and am just going to cuise around and do burnouts. but I have this delusion of the car being able to handle a corner or two (the stock suspension couldn't, I was actually in fear). I will be doing little to no highway driving, as I don't do any in either of my other rigs.

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