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air ride... now im scratchin my head

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working on a 67 camaro with the air ride technologies 4-link and shockwave billet air shocks... the kit currently does not have an air pump or control valve, just each shock with an airline that goes to a schrader valve that is mounted in the trunk... looks very cheap to me and i wanted to purchase a compressor and some sort of gauge to monitor air pressure... anyone have any suggestions on the best place to call... i loooked on airride's website and the cheapest kit they sell is 1200 bucks:eek: the front suspension is currently stock but the guy will eventually do bags on the front as well
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Check out for air ride items.

Check this out:
I just ordered mine but I haven't seen it yet so I can't comment on it but they are quite a bit cheaper than air ride.

Here is a guy I have been dealing with.
Kind of slow but he dose have good stuff. He is a one man shop.
Air shocks??? You mean hydraulic shocks and air spring?? Anyway, I bought the full boat. Skockwaves each corner, dual compressor set-up and controller, remote, a sway bar for the front from OUR member (ibuildm) here. Tim's Hot Rods. I called all over the country, he was the best. JR
thanks for all the responses fellas and if u have anymore ideas keep em comin, im making calls tomorrow
Hmmmmmm, I think I know someone who sells air management systems.:yes:
if its a member id love to give them some business, basically what i need is a compressor and a switch/gauge panel to monitor the pressure in each shockwave shock on the rear... current situation is whenever the car sits for a little while the shocks bleed down a little bit, causing the fenders to hit the tires (he needs to chance his wheels but we will get to that later) and he doesnt own an air compressor so he has to drive it to the gas station like that just to air up the shocks... hopefully a compressor and some sort of pressure regulator would air them up at will... this is my first go-round with airbags so if i sound like a tard please forgive me
fosheezie, I am currently attending ASE/EVT training until Friday. I'll be driving home Friday night and in the shop on Sat. Sounds like you are looking for a basic two path system. As far as the leakdown issue. Mix up some soapy water in a spray bottle. Check fittings first as this is the most common source of a leak. This includes the push connections for the air lines, as they can leak if you did not use a line cutter to cut the air line. Last but not least check the bag portion of the shockwaves, and the schrader fittings on your air lines. I will send you a pm when I get back to the shop.
It is expensive but my vote is for the air ride technologies systems. I have their systems on a couple cars and they are very slick. To me it's worth the money for such an important part of the car.

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