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Hello Fellas,
Here is my current setup.
1970 2 dr Nova with 2.56 open rear
TH350, .40 over 4blt 350,Polished the crank,Decked the block,stock caps with stock bolts,stock rods with arp bolts,Cast speed pro dish pistons
Pre 60s heads(booo no access wholes).I had the seats hardened, LT type springs good for 1/2 inch lift, Head seats hardended and fitted with 2.02/1.60 steel valves. The heads are 58cc heads.
The cam is an Elgin Cam
Dur is 224/224
Exhaust: Hooker Comp Headers.3 inch pipes with 40 series flowmasters.
I have a Torker II intake with a 600cfm edelbrock carb. Here are my questions,

1- I have to swap my carb with my twins 1974 Rochester Carb that has been rebuilt. Will the Rochester work with the Air Gap?
2- Will I notice an increase in power?
3- Will the intake and carb fit with out any mods to the hood?
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