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ahhhhh. the quest for bigger meets and lower stance just got the best of me. So i got my "new" used wheels with 5.5 backspacing and all that was left to fit them in the rear was to flip around bottom leaf spring plate to move the rear shocks inside the frame rail and add the 2" drop blocks (and then have the local shop weld the top shock mounts inside the frame rail).

this is where i realized that i should have consulted HERE FIRST.

So apperently not only was the third leaf down snaped in half(looks like it has been like that for a while because that side of the car has always sagged just a hair, not to mention when i got it, it had hi-jacker shocks that were raised to the max), but 2 of the center clamps that hold the multi leafs together were shot and the whole driver side leaf spring fell apart into pieces after i removed the bottom plate. I've never messed with leaf springs before and i guess i shouldn't have dove right in. It took me all night just to get it clamped and lined up enough just so i could put the car back on the ground with the old wheel.

I really, REALLY can't afford new springs right now. I had plans of buying 2" drop leafs in the future but figured for now i was just going to use the blocks. BUT then i remembered reading on here about some people taking out a leaf to lower the rear. So i was wondering if it would be possible just to take the same leaf on the opposite side and scratch the lowering block idea. My leafs actually have 6 per side including the two smaller ones at the bottom. Unfortunately the leaf that broke is the 3rd one down and one of the kinda longer ones. CAN I DO THIS??? I know i really need new springs but can i get away with it for a little while until i can afford them? I just finished the new motor and my funds are completely drained for the rest of the summer.

is it possible? maybe just use a stiffer shock? or am i just gonna have to give up on the idea of the car seeing the road anytime soon. thanks, you guys are always a BIG help. -Tim
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