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i just adjusted my detent cable on my new 700r,ok
when i drive it what do i look for if it is not adjusted right. how will it act if not right ?
i don't want to trash this thing.

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That is actually the TV cable and it is EXTREMELY critical to have it correctly adjusted. Just don't ask me how.

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Hi theracer,

The following is from a 1984 GM shop manual:

T.V. Cable System

The T.V. Cable used with the automatic 700-4R transmission should not be thought of as an automatic downshift cable. The T.V. cable used on the automatic 700-4R controls the line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part throttle downshifts, and detent downshifts. The function of the cable is similar to the combined functions of the vacuum modulator and the downshift (detent) cable used on 350 transmissions.

If the T.V. Cable is adjusted too long, it may result in one of the two following conditions:

(a) Early and slipping shifts and/or no detent downshifts.

(b) Delayed or full throttle shifts by causing the transmission to operate in the high pressure mode. The transmission senses a malfunction of the T.V. cable and associated parts; and to prevent burning the clutches and band due to low line pressures, it will go into the high pressure mode. Line pressures checked under the minimum T.V. conditions in Neutral and Drive will be in the range of the "full" T.V. pressures if the transmission is in high pressure mode. The complaint could be described as no upshifts, delayed or sharp upshifts.

If the T.V. Cable is adjusted too short or not adjusted at all, it will result in raising the line pressure and shift points. It may also limit the carburetor opening to prevent full throttle operation.

Adjusting Self-Adjusting Type Cable

(1) Stop engine
(2) Depress re-adjust tab. Move slider back through fitting in direction away from the carburetor until slider stops against fitting.
(3) Release re-adjust tab.
(4) Open carburetor lever to "full throttle stop" position to automatically adjust the cable. Release carburetor lever.
(5) Check cable for sticking and binding. Road test vehicle. If delayed or only full throttle shifts still occur, proceed with the following:
The manual then goes on to steps that involve removing the pan and examining parts of the valve body for damaged, distorted, or sticking parts where the T.V. cable hooks up.
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