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**press Release**

The April 22nd and 23rd event at Atco has been cancelled due to rain!!!

On the heals of the history making webcast event of the recently completed Fun Ford Weekend at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce Georgia, the cameras of Your Way Network have set their sites on the National Street Car Associations season opener at the historic Atco Raceway April 22-23 in Atco, New Jersey.

"Our success in Atlanta was unbelievable," stated Biggs. "We couldn't have asked for anymore from the racers, crews, fans and staff at that pristine facility. Our hats are off to all the folks that made this event possible. Especially my crew, I can't thank them enough!" (Mark Walter, **** MacKenzie, Ray Jermyn and Matt Walter rounded out the YWN line-up in Atlanta.)

Biggs told us they saw a 130% increase in viewership from the first "test" event at the Pacific Street Car Association race in February. Plus they added 4 more cameras to the mix for a unprecedented 5 camera shoot. "We where told our stuff looked as good as anything folks have seen on TV," reported Biggs. "I'm just happy it all came together. We've learned so much on the first 2 events and will add even more to the mix from those lesson when we hit the track next weekend in Atco."

This is literally the beginning for the live action of YWN. When asked what's after Atco Biggs told us this, "The phones and emails have been non stop since we returned home. We already have 7 more events schedule with 4 or 5 more in the wings. Look for us at more Fun Ford Weekend, National Street Car Association, Ontario Street Car Association, Ram Racing Naturally Aspirated Shootout and the Canadian Fastest Street Car Shootout events. We've also been approached by a major player in the motorsports entertainment business to stream an event that's been around for nearlly 100 years, look for a press release on this breaking news in the near future."

With 48 states and 40 countries tuning in for the webcast, this has turned into an international phenomena. There will be crowd shots and interviews and maybe even a Saturday night live show to recap and talk about the days events. Want to be in the webcast? You just never know where the cameras might show up. This much we do know, you can't be in the show if you don't come to the race. Be you a racer, crew member, manufacturer or fan don't miss all of the excitement when the fastest door slammers on the planet hit the track next weekend in NJ. And if you can't attend, just click by clicking WWW.YOURWAYNETWORK.COM it's the next best thing to being there live!
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