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Well, after much debate, mostly with myself, I think I've decided to have my car acid dipped. I think that's probably going to be the only way to remove the rust from hard to reach area`s such as the drop off areas in the trunk, inner roof bracing, and inside the cowl area.........I'd rather have it blasted, especially since I found someone here in Vegas that will do the whole thing for around $800-$1000. But no way to reach those blind areas.
Anyway, if anyone knows of, or has dealt with a place in Vegas, or AZ, preferably Vegas, that does this please send me their name and Number?..........Seems no body shops around here know of any...........I've located 2 places in LA, both want around $1700 just for the body. I'm hoping to find some place closer, and less expensive.
Not that AZ is closer than LA, just figure It may be a little less expensive since the EPA may not be as tough on them.
Any suggestions, advice, and opinions appreciated.

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