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Doing some work on my 70 dash. New bezel, rebuilt instrument cluster and anything else I can think of. What I am wondering about is, on the upper right corner of the bezel there are two holes, one for the screw that screws to the dash. The other is about an inch to it's right, thats where the AC/ HTR control screws to the bezel. The screw goes thru the bezel and screws into the top of the control. Does this screw attach to anything else? One would think the screw should go thru the bezel, thru the top of the control and attach to the something metal on the dash also. But it's dead space right above it.
That corner of mine stock bezel broke off years ago. Seems just 3 screws (2 at the bottom and 1 at the top) mounted to plastic is not to strong or firm.
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