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ac compressor candidates for ls in 66 low mt.

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Ok Ive looked at the availible threads and info on this but might be repeating some of this.Looks like the 508 sanden will not fit between the motor mount and the crank pulley,fbody accesories,c.b.plates and headers with aftermarket clip,at least without moving the motor mount back some or the motor forward.I would rather not do ethier of these if I can help it.Can anyone tell me the length of a sd7 sanden?Has anyone looked at any other compressors that might work? I dont mind building a mount if I can find one that will fit the space I have.
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The SD7B10 is 6.75" long and just under 4" in diameter
fits like a glove.:yes:
Thats great news,I know even before I go measure that the sd7 you guys have will fit easily.I did'nt realize that it was that much smaller than the 508.I guess I will have to get my hands on one and build some brackets for it. Do you feel like it works as good as a 508?Did you use the hose connections as they come without any special connections?I looked one up on ebay,only bad thing I see is the hose connections are on the back side.
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