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First let me just say I took her for our first little spin a couple of days ago and she did real well. I had expected to find more issues i guess. I tend to worry too much with all cars until I get to know their personalities a bit. My point was that I had a blast.
So here we go
day 1- I show up to finally pay the guy off and pick up my car. this is my first glance (yes I bought it sight unseen except pics) and I thought I would be driving it home.

These some of the first day pics.

well I just found out I may get my ex's almost new set up that he had installed in his truck.

how does this sound ....
292 cam,
gear drive-advance,
roller rocker 6 to 1's with scotch locks
belt drive Paxton type super charger blower
Holley 750 carb.

now let's see if he ever follows through with the offer.

He actually brought the parts over. I have decided against changing what is already a good thing. She runs great and all is simple and dependable. I like that.
I spent the day driving around yesterday. Getting used to her.
finally got the seat adjusted and added a new spring on the carburetor for the throttle so the pedal is now really stiff but she holds her idle better and it feels more natural. Also discovered the fill valve for the air shocks so we brought her rear end up just a bit. It not only looks great but handles much better in the turns.
Then I did something that everyone else thinks is corny but I love it...... I taped off the little edge at the bottom of the body and painted it pink. It turned out good and gives her a girlie look and hey I'm a girl so it fits well and looks great I think. and well since she's mine, that's really all that matters right?
Took the dash all apart today, had to pull the steering wheel to reattach the blinker switch handle. Now I will spend the day tomorrow running down a short that is preventing me from having any running lights or tail lights. but I'll find it eventually. process of elimination.

So, I'm making progress. Put a new Holley carb. (MDL 4150 750CFM D/P- chromate)
Now she starts and runs like a dream. When I say "GO" she's gone. ha, ha, ha, I love it.
One more time.....
It seems that everything I do, and so, THINK....."okay, that's done" I end up doing again. No, not because I screwed it up the first time...
I, for example, put that brand new Holley carb on her and then a few days later came upon a much nicer intake manifold (details later) and a set of tall, polished aluminum valve covers so... off comes the carb again along with the intake and valve covers.
and at 3 a.m. yesterday morning I finally finished installing everything. And...the best part....she started right up the first time I turn the key. At that point I went to bed-smiling,

A thing of beauty she is. smile, smile, smile.....
The new exhaust will be finished tomorrow morning and then I'll be able to take her out for drive and see how she does.
I love the sound of a good strong motor with just enough power and the right exhaust. She sounded cool before but now she doesn't just say vroom she says it with an added Rraat tat tat tat ta. Gotta love it!!
ok...more updates tomorrow. I can hardly see straight and there's plenty more work to do tomorrow, can't sleep all day.....
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