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After getting rid of a few other toys I decided that this coming winter I was going to replace the 327 currently in my car and upgrade in the power dept a little bit.

Lots of talk with local builders and the morning I had intended to head to the machine shop to get the short block started on order, I saw an ad in the local CL that was interesting.

I spoke to the owner MANY times over the past few weeks as well as his engine builder (very highly thought of locally) about the motor. It is 4 years and has under 5K on it. I usually run from CL type stuff but I felt very comfortable with all of the info that I was given and checked out myself and with the shop that built it. Motor was simply in a collector car that got driven a handful of times a year to some local cruise-in's. I have all the build sheets for it, blueprint clearances, and the previous owner is sending over the dyno sheet they had done when initially built.

Plans for right now are to take it down just a little to verify all is good, change it up a little to suit my needs and then get it put in when I get the winter blues.


High nickle block
Full Scat all forged rotating assembly, internally balanced
10.7:1 Compression
Comp Cams Dual springs 1.46
Comp Cams 818-16 Lifters
Bullet Custom Grind Solid Roller (dont have exact specs with me
Mildon Pan
AFR 180cc angle plug heads
Edelbrock Air Gap intake
Holley 770 Street Avenger carb
MSD 7AL3 ignition and coil
Pro Billet distributor
BG 4 Port Billet Fuel regulator and pressure gauge.

Motor also came with a set of coated Hedman Camaro/Nova headers, new ministarter, all billet brackets, pulleys, alternator, ps pump, new edelbrock fuel pump, edelbrock alum waterpump, clutch fan. All the lines to hook up that are stainelss with Summit A/N fitting and a buch more misc stuff.

The owner had taken the car with it to the strip one time to see what it would do in his 73 camaro and he put down a 12.1 with it on street tires. I have no intent of making this much of a racer but will likely take it once to see what it will do.

Spent the evening pulling the covers off and checking everything I could and everything looks great. It was in his car and running yesterday so I got to go over it with a fine tooth comb while running to.

Needless to say, I am pretty stoked and it is going to take a bit of will power not to just jump in and rip the other motor out!

Even better, I got what I believe is a SMOKING deal on it as well.

Here are a few pics. I will be selling some of the accesory stuff that I wont be using over the next few weeks and will post them up here first.

My only real concern is if the angle plug heads will clear the Super Comp Headers I just bought. I had been kicking around selling the heads and going up to 195's or 210's anyways so that might be the motivation I need to do it.

I will post more pics up as I get it cleaned up, prettied up in installed.
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