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A/C question

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My 72 does not have a/c and i want to add it when i start on the rest of the car.Am i better off finding all the original parts or going with an aftermarket kit?If i go aftermarket which dash pad will i need?
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Call Frank at and he can set you up with a Vintage Air Gen IV kit for around $1500. You can choose the style of vents that you want. Some of the vents will bolt under the dash or if you want to cut holes, you can. The kit comes with all new duct work as well. The Gen IV unit is a air conditioner, heater and defrost unit. The unit is electronic controls so there are no cables hooked up. Vintage Air has a sure fit kit that is designed for the different cars but right now it uses the Gen II kit. You won't be happy with that one. Either wait until they come out with a Gen IV sure fit kit, or give Frank a call and he will make a kit up for you.

Here's a link to the Gen IV kit: VA cat pg 18 f.pdf

Here are some links to the different vents you can use: VA cat pg 29 f.pdf VA cat pg 30 f.pdf VA cat pg 31 f .pdf

I believe you can get controls that will fit in the factory location so it looks stock. Or if you want to do a custom install like I am, you can use their streamline 3 knob kit.

Here's a few pics of the unit I got:

Here's the streamline 3 knob controller

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