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I had not checked the gear oil in my 8.2" rear for some time. This was basically because I couldn't get the plug out.

Well it is out now! What a PITA!

Anyway, the oil level was adequate.

I also removed the rear cover so I could change the lube.

I did not think the gears looked abused. Do you agree?

Anyone here ever replace posi clutches?

Difficult to do?

Is this something that can be done without removing the posi carrier?

I have new Moser C-Clip Axles and bearings on the way to go in for this weekend.



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yes.. you can replace the clutches with out removing the carrier...

Its a very straight forward process....... once you remove the cross pin, "C" clips and axles .... the preload spring package is in a sort of cage.... it will be painful removing it..... then you can get to the spiders and side gears.... clutch packs are are beyond....

putting the preload spring pack back in is not so painful....
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