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I need some help with this. I am looking at a 78 Nova drag car. I will get a title for it but I haven't been able to verify the VIN on the car. The dash with the VIN tag has been replaced with an aluminum sheet metal dash. I read at another site that there is another "hidden VIN" on most vehicles for added security. On this year it is supposed to be on the inside of the firewall behind the heater box on the passenger side. I looked there also since the heater is also removed and found nothing. Any body know if the VIN is stamped any place else on the car?

I know that race cars are commonly sold without a title but know from experience it is easier to sell one with a title and usually for a better price. I will still most likely get this car because it is super clean & really done right but if I can't verify the VIN I will fell better paying a little less.

This is my first post here in a few years since I sold my my 63 hardtop to build a big block 80 Malibu. Thanks for the help!
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