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'77 Nova Hatchback

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I come and go here... my 17 year old son have been busy though on a '77 Nova I bought back in '96. We did all the body work, and had Maaco in Albuquerque shoot it for us, then we put it back together. He found some old school Rocket mags a few weeks ago so we put those on, they look better than the American Racing wheels that were on previously.

Tranny has been rebuilt, with a Transgo shift kit; still running the 250 I-6. A '72 402 awaits a rebuild to install.

The interior is in pretty good condition. We scored a set of '73 Vega highback buckets to install after he gets them recovered. It's a work of progress that we've had fun with so far.

Maybe one of these days I can post some pictures of it, don't know how many posts I need before I can attach pics.

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Welcome. I believe you just need to upload your pics to Photobucket and paste the link code here. You can do it from your first post...
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