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76 nova in Super Chevy

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Just got the latest Super Chevy and was surprised to see a 4th gen get some love. Here is the link.
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?nice! It's always good to seen 4th gens getting some love! I wish there a better pic of the wheels. Not sure how I feel with fog light in the middle of the bumper. Would really cool with a SS grill.
Liked the interior, very classic Nova but all subtly updated. Bolstered original-type buckets, up to the 7 original bands in the upholstery. Nice door panels too and console.

The grill looks cool, Im OK with that type of grille.
I believe they are going to do a feature on it in a future issue.
It would be sweet to see a build thread on that car. If I remember right from the magazine, it was also a hatchback.

Liked the interior, very classic Nova but all subtly updated. Bolstered original-type buckets, up to the 7 original bands in the upholstery. Nice door panels too and console.
I like the interior too, but I'm not really a fan of that gauge layout. I think that the bucket seats may be 4th gen f-body seats. The power adjusters give it away.

They are the same ones I want for my 78.

I believe they are going to do a feature on it in a future issue.
That would be awesome if they were actually going to do that. Now only if they could notice some of the other nice 4th gens from this site....
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The car in superchevy belongs to me...I am a 22 year old from Fort Worth, TX. I built this car with my own money and my own time (some help from friends occasionally). Started it when I was 16 years old. The car will be featured in the magazine soon enough and I fill in the holes that are not covered in the magazine. After it comes out Ill post some of my pictures of the build. P.S. The gauges are strategically laid out...I chose this because i drive the car and i hate looking over the steering wheel to see the tach and mph in other cars ive been a part of building.
Nice job fellow Texan...

How about a little information, type and size of wheels and tires?

Did you 4-link it?
The wheels are made by Budnik. My Brother and I measured the wheel openings every night for 2 weeks prior to ordering them to make sure they fit. These wheels were very expensive on my limited budget, therefore I could not afford to make a mistake, with ordering custom wheels that didnt fit. I had them powder coated grey with flat overlay in order to get the look that I was going for. Then engine is a small block chevy, also the car is a Hatchback. (The hardest part of the build was the interior panels being deteriorated.) Most 4th gen guys know exactly what I had to deal with.
Congratulations. I also have 2 hatchbacks and I feel your pain. I suppose its all solved... Looking forward to see your trunk in pics later on!

Very tight build, I like your classic overtones on a custom car. Custom wheels really help with the precise stance.
UnusualNova, it is a very nice looking 4th gen. I know what you mean about being on a limited budget, I am 23 and worked on my car through college too. Didn't get it as far or as nice as what yours is though. I'm sure the gauge layout works, just different from what I'm used to seeing with that setup. Again, nice build and looking forward to some more pics of it.
Thanks for the positive feedback. It feels great to finally be driving the car that took so long for me to put together. I recently got back from the hot rod power tour and it was a blast. Its just nice to see 4th gens finally getting some attention, no matter whos it is. Also, there is another 4th gen on the best of the best super chevy website. Its at a later date on the page but it is very clean too.
I'm glad to see another 4th gen in my area :yes:. I am 25 and live in Saginaw. We should get together for a cruise when I get my new 383/muncie combo all finished!
dosn't someone in this forum have seats from a 97-02 camaro/firebird? philip maybe?
Very nice Car very Clean , I do have a question, Did you change the Dash Pad, It looks to be a 77 up. Anyways Happy to see a 4th gen in Super Chevy after telling them over and over there are some nice ones out here, By the way I own a 1976 which I bought when I was 19, I am now 52 so I guess I like 4th gens, My dad Bought mine brand new, And I have done nothing but make it the way I want, Wish mine was a Hatchbacck, Someday I will get one
Beautiful car :yes: I can understand the reasoning behind the gauge layout.

I moved my tach from the first location it was in because it was hard to see. The first location was easier to do the install, the second location took a month to get done.

My seats are from a 95 Firebird with the head rests removed.
You know theres something to be said about a stock grill, It doesn't look bad, I like my SS grill but the One in this one fits the car, and no cowl hood is a clean look for it
Thanks. The grille was a tough decision. I tried to keep a clean balance and simplicity. The theme of the car is pro touring and in my opinion, this style calls for a clean interior and subtle exterior, while lowering the car as low as I could go without extensive comprimise on the ride. The dash is a 77, however it did come in this 76 car. Not sure why this is maybe because it was a late 76 production or what, but im sure gald it did. Made for a easy vintage air install. Many people bash on the hatchbacks, but Im hoping once the pictures come out the mood will change. Everything on the inside of car is strategically covered and sewn, which i am so glad is finally done! Theres more flat black on the back. The front lights look better when the picture isnt take so close. I took some beating from friends before we painted it telling me the scheme was crazy, but i had a vision. The response so far is positive and what a relief. I had to take a gamble on paint because i didnt have the money to do it more than once.
I started this car with the idea that I would clean it up and put it back on the road. Weeks later, it was on jack stands with nothing but a hull and loose parts. I got way carried away, but thats hot rodding right? Just working with what i had. Thanks for the feedback, hope you guys enjoy seeing it. I know ive only been a member for a short time, but ive followed this site for awile and enjoy seeing 4th gen ideas. Afterall, some dont understand that parts are not readily available.
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Waiting to see more. From what these few pictures show the work is awesome. 4th gens are becoming more popular due to the efforts like you and others have put into their cars. Not sure any manufacturers will ever reproduce the parts like is done for earlier Nova's, Chevelles and Camaro's. Just makes our cars more special doing them the old fashioned way by scrounging and fabricating what is needed.
Finally. . . .

. . . another pro-touring 4th Gen. Took a while, but I knew eventually we'd start to see some other guys going this route with these cars. It's really a very natural fit and progression to use these cars as entry-level pro-tourers, especially when the retail on an earlier Camaro, Nova, or Chevelle is still triple or more than the retail on a solid-body 4th Gen Nova.

Good looking car. We definitely need a full write-up and picture thread on this car - it could be an inspiration for others to follow.

I hope Super Chevy follows through with that feature for your sake. They make a lot of promises to a lot of folks about running features, only the select few have those promises fulfilled. I'll be holding my breath until then. . . not.

Very very nice work on your 4th gen. Really like how you carried the hood color through to the window frames. Been thinking of doing the same to my '77 by messing with masking tape trying to get the curve on the front fender extensions right, but am never happy with the results. Probably will go with one color rather than two.

Just a few questions: What size Lokar shifter? Did you use factory a/c vents or are those the ones in the Vintage Air kit? I like the trim on the pedals... where did you get them?

I like how clean your car is overall. Excellent work!:yes:
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