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76 base 77 concour compatibility

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hello everybody, i am restoring a 76 base nova and im having alot of trouble finding alot of parts for it, such as radiator core bumper support ect. i recently found a 77 concour for sale the guy wants 800 obo for it he says the motor runs but needs work, my idea is to swoop it for a little less than 8 and just use it as a parts car, is this a good idea? are the body parts compatible? i know all 75-79 x bodys pretty much have the same front end but i just wanna make sure im not just gonna waste my money. any input would be greatly appreciated:)
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Welcome to the Family :waving:

Im not to familiar with those years....

All I know is that they changed lil things each year.... How much dunno...

I would think that the core support would fit..
Everything will match except steering wheel, dash, and dashpad. Maybe some smog equipment changes, (cat?), some details here and there. Otherwise the car is 100% compatible. Be sure its the same number of doors, hatchback vs. non-hatchback, auto vs. standard, engines, moldings you might need could change from base to Concours, etc.

In a Concours vs. Base front end is the same except grille and fender extensions, bumper valance panel differs slightly, bumper plastic fillers in the corners. Heavy sheetmetal and bumper are same, rad support too.

In the rear, the 77 Concours taillights are longer.

If you havent seen the car should see pics, see the differences before buying.
thanks for the welcome!:D turns out the parts i need the most are the ones not 100 percent compatible:/ but i found a guy not too far form me parting out a 77 base.. :cool: looks like hopefully my search is over!
Welcome to Steve's. Like you I was having trouble finding parts. I bought a parts car, took what I needed and sold parts to members here. It helped them and helped me. Over the years I kept buying cars that had parts I needed and selling the rest. Last count was 14 parts cars, everyone donated at least one part to my build. Still have 2 sitting in the yard to help others in their quest :)
Check this link out for interchange nova parts
Thanks for the helpfull replies ^^ got a hold of the 77 base guy and picked up the parts i needed, thsnks again for the help :D
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