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Hi Guys. I’m a new member of the site but have done a ton of research on this site during my 76 build.

Here’s where I’m at. I have a 76 nova with a newly installed gen 5 454, Lunati bracket master 292/292 dir 544 lift cam, pro-comp heads , turbo 350 trans., and hooker headers. Currently the car has a 7.5” 10 bolt with a JEGS mini spool, 373 gears and leaf spring suspension.

I want to update the rear end to a fabricated 9 inch and 4 link. There are tons of 4 link kits for the 68 to 72 but I can’t seem to find a supplier for a 76.

Would any of you guys know were I can complete kit? I think that the 76 rear suspension is relatively close to the Camero but not certain

Thanks in advance
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