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Hello all! I love this site – so much information, and lots of good folks! I just have a couple of questions:

My ’74 coupe paint codes:
Lower - 66 (Bronze Metallic) and Upper - 11 (Antique White).
Has anyone seen this combination? Any photos? I haven’t seen a painted roof on a Nova…

The 6 runs great! I’ll always have the V-8 fantasies, but I like the gas mileage for now.
When I got the car, the choke linkage was missing, so I improvised using thick steel wire. It basically works, but without the plate that screws onto the end of the choke shaft, the vacuum pull-off can’t do it’s thing. I’ve been all over this town, and the wrecking yards have crushed their older cars! Dumb-asses!


'74 Coupe, 250, TH 350, $40 Car! Not pretty, but getting there!
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