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74 coupe spring 2013 return to road.

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So, I'm 14 years the owner of my 74. 2 years into the second rebuild. So far in my years of ownership I've had 3 th350 in it. It now has a 700r4. This is the third rearend. First met it end by exploding the spider gears, 2nd one wedged the center pin at a 45 creating a home made locker. The current rear end is a 373 motive gear on a eaton posi unit. It and the others were and are 8.5 10 bolts.Engine 1 was a 350 sb. Current engine is 402 bb. This rebuild I put 4 wheel power disk on it. It had 4 wheel drum. I got all new brake lines from inline tube. Braided stainless flex line. Ran all new fuel system 1/2 line and -8 braided stainless. All new wire harness. Used comp engineering coil over set up out back with three way adjustables all the way around. New rockers, quarter panel patches. G- force transmission cross member. Ignition is a pro form hei with a Msd adaptor to use a blaster 3 coil and a 6al box. Engine is stock inside. Performer rpm with a holly 6310-3 carb. Just installed a Rpc fuel pressure regulator.

Ordered the rest of the fuel system hose today. -6 hose from regulator to carb. Changed to a electric cooling fan. Other then that I'm at a stand still till next week. Then it's onto get a driveshaft made and replace( some how) the rear cross rail. Mines gone. So since they don't make this for my year I guess I get to custom make it. Wish me luck. Also here are some more pics of it right now.

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Nice and clean engine compartment. Way to go.
Looking good! Keep up the good work!
A lot of fine work in there, way to go! :thumbsup: :yes:
So I decided that a bumper tuck is in order. So u took the rear apart this morning. Broke every bolt. Imagine that. So here's the aftermath. And how it's gonna look tucked( after I make the new rear cross rail.

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And here's the bad news.... Cancer. Wish me luck with this.

And then the front bumper tore down.
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I see your on the grind. Mine should be out 2014:pray:!!!!! Finally got the car runnin smooth. Before i was having fuel out my vent tubes on the front carb bowl. Well I put a fuel pressure regulator on it and made all of my new an hose. I still had fuel out the vent. I tore down the front bowl and found my float arm was bent and not seating the needle. Reassembled. No more vent fuel. But, idling high??? After talking with my dad I found the linkage arm to the secondaries bent. Fixed that and here is the result of my hard work. A smooth running 402 Big Block.

Now I need to get a drive shaft made.

Side note don't look into your carb while opening the secondaries. Had I thought first I might still have hair on my face.
Started on the rear cross rail rebuild. This is gonna be time consuming. Harder then I thought. Ends of the rails are gone. A lot of custom fab coming up. Here are some pics as it sits.

Thae last image is the blank I'm using as a start of the new panel. I have no Bending tools do I'll be using my bench vise and a dead blow. Man I need a metal shop.
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My hat's off to you. This is *not* the fun part.
Well after starring at it and thinking to much... I have decided to remove the rear Frame after the rear spring mounts. Im going fab a new rear frame/ bumper mount out of 2x4 square tube. Sheet metal was not going to be strong as I would like. So I'm gonna fab the new rear and fill in the gaps with sheet metal. I think this will work best and look a lot better. I have a pipe fitter buddy that's gonna help with the welding. I'll post pics as I go. Also doing it this way will allow me to tuck in the rear bumper a lot better then my other plan.
Well, a cuttin I will go. Out with the trunk floor again!!
Trunk floor out... Drivers side bumper extension welded in. Passenger side on progress.
Turned the car around today so I can work on the back out of the sun. Also will allow me to work on the passenger side. By the way I need a right front fender. Any body got one cheap?

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So today I started to make the front bumper mounts. I'm using 2x4 square tube. I cut 8" length if tube for each side. Instead of messing with the og bumper reinforcement I cut the ends off. About 3" inside of the second bumper bolt hole. I then tacked the ends to the tube I had cut and then bolted them to the bumper. Tomorrow I'm gonna test fit. I think this is gonna work great. If not.... Ummm well it better work. I'm trying to suck the front in about 3". So I think once I can get the bumper about were I want it I can see if the mounts will work. Just in case any body is reading this thread I will post pics if this works.
So how's this look?

Think it looks ok? Or does it need to go in or out?
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Great job on the front bumper tuck! Your mounts seem to have worked out great, the bumper sits really well tucked up closer to the grill, and the gap is very even:yes: What are your plans for the rear bumper? Will you fabricate mounts and tuck that as well?
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