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74 bumpers

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hello i have a 1974 nova that i got without front or rear bumpers or hood. been reading and know the 74 bumpers are bigger? i have no brackets or bumpers, so i'll be looking for bumpers and brackets, im not afraid of modifying brackets, if i found bumpers from 68/72 would they work if i made my own bracket? or do the 73/74 HAVE to use the bigger bumpers? just wanted to know if i can widen my search, seeing how i have nothing yet, its hard to understand what people are talking about when i can't go and look at mine to see!
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68 thru 72 will work. I have a 74 and like my bumpers. A lot of people change to the older ones. Personal preference I guess. Check eBay if you want original. I've seen a a lot of them
On there this year.
i have no preference yet!! lol i was just seeing what parts i could be looking for.i'm assuming that if i use 73/74 bumpers i NEED the 73/74 brackets and the same for the 68/72? my car does have the bumper filler things. looks like a fender filler with larger plastic/rubber piece. i have SO MANY thing running through my head, i still have drum brake on it too, that i'll be swapping out for disc, i have NO headliner. and looks like i'll be needing selt belts. i'm sure i'll get my post count up , as i'll have LOTS of Questions!!
Well, you could make your own brackets for some stock 74 bumpers. I did. Check out the look.

This is my car with brackets I made moving the bumpers in like 3 inches. And listing the filler crap.
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If you want to run 73-74 bumpers, you need the 73-74 brackets

If you want to run 68-72 bumpers, you need the 68-72 brackets.

(unless you make your own brackets)

If you decide to go with the 68-72 look:

The front will bolt on, but you will have to change more than just the bumper and bracket if you want it to look right. The grill, trim, headlight bezels, turn signals, and some other odds and ends will need to be changed to the 68-72 also for it to look right IMO. These other parts really add up if you buy them all new (repop) i would suggest trying to find used parts and cleaning them up yourself.

As for the rear bumper.. that involves a lot more work. The 68-72 gas tank, trunk floor, and tail panel are all different. So you would have to modify the gas filler neck and tail panel at the very least.

I think tucking the 73-74 bumpers in and eliminating the filler panels goes a long way. Here are a couple threads on the route I took:

Front end swap:

Custom rear bumper:
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